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Kemikaliebranchen (KB)

The Danish Association for Trade and Distribution of Chemicals is an independent trade organization within the Danish Chamber of Commerce. The Association totals approximately 60 member companies importing and distributing chemicals in Denmark. The member companies include individual agencies and subsidiary companies of multinational chemical concerns. The association is is affiliated with the international, ethical environmental management system: Responsible Care.


For more information contact:

Boersen     1217 Copenhagen K     Denmark

tel: 45 72 25 56 05

fax: 45 72 25 55 78


Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors

The Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors (l'Association Canadienne des Distributeurs de Produits Chimiques) – CACD, was established in 1986 and currently represents over 40 chemical distributors with an estimated turnover of over $3.0 - 3.3 Billion. Responsible Distribution is firmly established as a major requirement for Canadian chemical distributors that wish to become/remain members in good standing in the Association. RDP requires members to continuously improve performance in protecting health, safety, security, and the environment.


For more information contact:

Suite 301 627 Lyons Lane Oakville   ON L6J 5Z7     Canada

tel: +1 905 844 9140

fax: +1 905 844 5706


Verband Chemiehandel (VCH)

Based in Cologne, Verband Chemiehandel (VCH) is the German chemical distributors trade association with over 90 member companies. VCH represents chemical distributors and traders of chemical commodities and specialities but any registered professional company or sales office of a domestic or foreign company working in the wide range of chemical trade will be accepted as full member. Furthermore the association offers associate membership for companies cooperating closely with the chemical trade, e. g. producers of packaging materials or tank and instruments engineering companies.


For more information contact:

Große Neugasse 6     50667 Köln     Germany

tel: +49 221 258 11 33

fax: +49 221 258 24 96


Associazione Italiana Commercio Chimico (AssICC)

Italian chemical distributors trade association. Established in 1946, AssICC is the association of Italian wholesalers and distributors of chemical products. It has over 350 member companies with a global turnover of about 10 billion Euros per year.


For more information contact:

C. so Venezia 47/49     20121 Milano     Italy

tel: +39 027 750 236

fax: +39 027 600 5543


Union Française du Commerce Chimique (UFCC)

L'Union Francaise Du Commerce Chimique (UFCC) resulted from the merger in 1998 between la Chambre Syndicale Française du Commerce Chimique and le Groupement Professionnel Français des Importateurs et Exportateurs de Produits Chimiques. There are around 120 companies or groups that are UFCC members - an organization representing chemical business in France.


For more information contact:

17, Rue Jean Moulin     94300 Vincennes     France

tel: +33 1 43 65 64 00

fax: +33 1 43 65 38 80


Chambre Belge du Commerce Chimique / Belgische Kamer van Chemiehandel (CBCC/BKC)

CBCC - Belgian Chamber of Chemicals Trade. Members are natural and legal entities affiliated to Federation of Belgian Chemical Industries, and who work as traders specializing in chemical products in Belgium and/or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


For more information contact:

Square Marie-Louise 49     B - 1000 Brussels     Belgium

tel: +32 02 238 98 17

fax: +32 02 238 98 91


Asociación Española del Comercio Químico (AECQ)

Spanish chemical distributors trade association. AECQ was formed in 1992 and currently represents around 70 businesses in Spain involved in the activities of importing, storage and distribution of chemical products.The Association's objective is to promote and safeguard the development of the businesses of its members. AECQ is a member of both FEIQUE – the Business Confederacy of the Chemical Industry in Spain – and FECC – the European Association of Chemical Distributors.


For more information contact:

Paseo Bonanova, 80 - Local 3     08017 Barcelona     Spain

tel: +34 93 205 2831

fax: +34 93 205 2809


Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association

The Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association is the pre-eminent national body representing Australia s fourth largest manufacturing sector. PACIA members include importers and distributors, raw material suppliers and chemical manufacturers, plastics fabricators and compounders, plastics and chemicals recyclers and service providers to the sector. Adherence to Responsible Care is a condition of membership of the PACIA, for companies manufacturing, importing and distributing chemicals.


For more information contact:

Level 2 / 263 Mary Street Richmond    Victoria 3121     Australia

tel: +61 3 9429 0670

fax: +61 3 9429 0690


European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC)

FECC is the European voice of the chemical distribution and trading industry. Its membership includes both national associations and companies throughout Europe. FECC's mission is to promote the chemical distribution industry in order to ensure a sustainable business environment for the chemical distribution sector in the short, medium and long term.


For more information contact:

Rue du Luxembourg 16B     B - 1000 Brussels     Belgium

tel: +32 2 679 02 60

fax: +32 2 672 73 55

United Kingdom

Chemical Business Association (CBA)

The Chemical Business Association is the central source of business knowledge on the UK’s chemical supply chain and offers the latest information and briefings on key industry issues – changes in legislation, REACH, Responsible Care, networking and access to full time technical expertise. Each year CBA members distribute more than 2.5 million tonnes of chemicals with a market value of almost three billion euros. CBA members, the majority of which are SMEs, are a vital interface with thousands of UK downstream chemical users. CBA is a member of the FECC - the Brussels-based organisation representing European chemical distributors.


For more information contact:

Lyme Building Westmere Drive Crewe Business Park   Crewe Cheshire CW1 6ZD   United Kingdom

tel: +44 (0) 1270 258200

fax: +44 (0) 1270 258444

United States of America

International Council of Chemical Trade Associations (ICCTA)

ICCTA exists to co-ordinate among associations worldwide on the strategy and representation of chemical distribution and trade before international stake holders on key issues of common interest and on chemical industry programmes, through dialogue and co-operation. It ensures representation of the chemical distributors' and traders' interests on such issues, with international implications, with International Organisations; it promotes the spirit, principles and practices of Responsible Care/Responsible Distribution; it promotes international free trade and fair competition within the framework of the WTO; and identifies priority issues of common interest.


For more information contact:

c/o NACD 1560 Wilson Boulevard Suite 1250    Arlington VA Virginia 22209   United States of America

National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD)

The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD), established in 1971, is an international association with over 250 chemical distributor member companies in the USA. NACD also has member companies in Canada and in Europe. A key condition of membership in the Association is the verification of the company’s Responsible Distribution Process (RDP) policies and procedures by a third-party company. RDP requires members to continuously improve performance in protecting health, safety, security, and the environment.


For more information contact:

1560 Wilson Blvd Suite 1250    Arlington VA Virginia 22209   United States of America

tel:  +1 703 527 6223

fax: +001 703 527 7747


Irish Chemical Marketers association (ICMA)

The Irish Chemical Marketers Association (ICMA) was formed in 1984 to strive to ensure that member companies understand and contribute to best practices within the industry and its environment. The Association is affiliated to the Irish Business and Employers Confederation and is a member of the European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC). The ICMA was the first European Chemical Distribution Association to implement Responsible Care as a mandatory requirement for membership in 1999 - as such all members must undergo an 3rd party audit of their Responsible Care Programmes to ensure continuous performance improvement in protecting health, safety, security, and the environment.


For more information contact:

84-86 Lower Baggot Street     Dublin 2     Ireland

tel: 35 3160 51625

fax: 35 3163 81625


Teknisen Kaupan Liitto – TKL (The Association of Finnish Technical Traders)

Teknisen Kaupan Liitto – TKL (The Association of Finnish Technical Traders) consists of 22 sections of operation covering various branches of industry in Finland. The Chemicals Section is responsible for members involved with the importing and distribution of industrial chemicals, raw materials for plastics, and chemicals for vehicles. The Chemicals Section co-ordinates a voluntary Responsible Care (RC) programme for the chemicals trading industry in Finland and is a member of FECC (Fédération Européenne du Commerce Chimique), the international umbrella organisation for the European industry.


For more information contact:

Särkiniementie 3, 4. krs. 00210     Helsinki     Finland

tel: +35 8968 241 312

fax: +35 8968 241 310


Groquifar - Associação Grossistas de Produtos Quimicos e Farmacêuticos

Groquifar – the Portuguese Wholesalers Association of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products was formed in 1975 and represents around 200 member companies in Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira. The structure of Groquifar is based around 4 main sectors of activity – Pharmaceutical; Chemical Products for Agriculture; Veterinary and Chemical. The Chemical Division represents distributors of chemical and chemical products not included in other Groquifar Divisions. It is believed that a committment to Responsible Care (RC) will become a condition of membership in the near future. Groquifar is member of FECC.


For more information contact:

Av. António Augusto Aguiar no 118 - 1º    1050-019 Lisboa     Portugal

tel: 351 2131 93860/7

fax: 351 2131 93869


Kjemikalieleverandorenes Forening (KLF)

The Association of Chemical Distributors (KLF) is an association of professional Norwegian distributors of industrial chemicals and raw-materials. The members are partly subsidiaries of foreign companies, partly independent Norwegian distributors/agents. KLF's members are about to introduce Responsible Care committing its members to openness and continuous improvements to Safety, Health and Environmental issues (SHE).


For more information contact:

PO Box 5487 Majorstua     0305 Oslo     Norway

tel: 47 23 087 873

fax: 47 23 087 899


Japan Chemical Importers Association (JCIA)

Japanese association of chemical distributors, agents and importers. The association was formed in 1976 and has around 200 member companies


For more information contact:

4th Floor, Soma Nishi-Shimbashi Bldg. 1-6-14 Nishi-Shimbashi Minato-ku   Tokyo     Japan

tel: +81 3-3504-1801

fax: +81 3-3501-1304



Associquim - the National Association of Chemicals and Petrochemicals Distributors in Brazil was founded in 1960 and at present has 102 member companies which involved with the distribution of chemical and petrochemical products. Associquim is committed to the implementation of a Responsible Distribution Process (RDP) which requires members to continuously improve performance in protecting health, safety, security, and the environment.


For more information contact:

Rua Maranhão 598 - 4 Andar Higienópoli   Sao Paulo SP - CEP 01240-000     Brazil

tel: +55 (11) 3665-3211

fax: +55 (11) 3665-3219


China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals and Chemical Importers and Exporters (CCCMC)

The China Chamber of Commerce of Metals, Minerals and Chemical Importers and Exporters (CCCMC) has around 1600 member companies and is based in Beijing. CCCMC was formed in 1988 and has recently signed up to the Responsible Distribution Process (RDP) in June 2006.


For more information contact:

17th Floor, Prime Tower No. 22 Chaowai Dajie Chaoyang District   Beijing 100020     China

tel: +86-10-65882823

fax: +86-10-65882825

Czech Republic

Svaz chemických obchodníku a distributoru (SCHOD CR)

The Chemical Traders and Distributors Association of the Czech Republic - SCHOD CR was established in 2003 and currently has 16 member companies. SCHOD CR is a member of the European Association of Chemical Distributors (FECC) and the International Council of Chemical Trade Associations ICCTA. The association is committed to implementing the worlwide Responsible Care (RC) programme - currently 7 companies are permitted to use th RC logo.


For more information contact:

Mezi Uvozy 1850 193 00 Praha 9    Horni Pocernice     Czech Republic

tel: +420 283 096 533

fax: +420 281 920 837


Verbond van Handelaren in Chemische Producten (VCHP)

VHCP was established some 60 years ago and has around 70 members involved in chemical distribution and trading in the Netherlands. In 2006 VHCP made mandatory, third party verification of Responsible Care a condition of membership so that member companies truly demonstrate they meet obligations of the RC Programme of the Association. VHCP is also a member of the FECC.


For more information contact:

Hogeweg 16 Postbus 80523    2508 GM Den Haag     Netherlands

tel: +31 797 50 31 26

fax: +31 703 54 97 66

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