World Chemical Distributor Directory

The World Chemical Distributor Directory provides comprehensive data on the activities of over 7,000 chemical distributors in Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East and Africa as well as news, analysis and information on the global chemical distribution industry.

The Directory was launched in 2006 and has become the leading resource on the Web for information on chemical distributors and provides a wide range of features and benefits to our clients, advertisers and users.

Key Features

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The directory provides a unique platform for chemical distributors to promote themselves to Principals, suppliers and customers. More »


Market intelligence subscription service providing data, information and analysis on the global chemical distribution industry. More »


Chemical distribution reports produced by Chemagility and a range of closely related market reports from industry partners. More »


Breaking chemical distributor news, M&A updates and a regular industry newsletter sent out to subscribers. More »


The directory provides a range of advertising options to help advertisers increase their exposure to the chemical distribution industry. Please contact us for infomation about advertising opportunities on the Directory and our newsletter.

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The World Chemical Distributor Directory is the top ranked site on Google for chemical distributor searches.

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